Van and air bed, ready for #STLV

Commander’s Log Stardate [-27] 02580.00 – First #STLV blog-log!!

Well, just got my van back from a quick mini-tune up. Found and fixed a break pressure issue, check pads and rotors everything good there, and found and fixed the source of an oil leak that was costing me a quart of oil every two weeks.

Inflated, deflated, and reinflated (allowing it to stretch) the new airbed I purchased for sleeping at friends’ house the first night, Today marks the first day of really getting read for my trip.
My uniform shirt, badge, and pips are ready, too. The suitcase has been located, so now it’s the slow half-week of packing so that I know for certain that everything I need will be packed and ready to load. Can’t believe I’m just a day under a week away from my first mini-vaca. I keep telling the kids its so that I can get away from them for the weekend, but I know by the end of the first day I’ll be missing them horribly. They get on my nerves, but I love them to death! My hubby I’ll miss only a fraction less, because being apart from him for a few days isn’t entirely uncommon with his work; not because I love him less. I’m a bit nervous for my dog, who hasn’t been apart from me longer than a day since I adopted him (not even when I left him with the vet for his neutering). He’ll have the kids and daddy to keep him company, but he’s a momma’s boy through and through.

It’s my first real trepedition, aside from the drive to and from. Four and a half hours is longer than I’ve ever been behind the wheel – I’m hoping I’ll handle it well.
Source: Geo V XO Logs

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