Captain’s Log 9/26/17

We had our ST:Dis viewing this weekend. Our newest crewman joined in the general fun. He fit in pretty well, or will, if he become acclimated – but I am nervous about how he felt. He commented that it was obvious most of my crew were family/Family and friends. I recognize it was hard to miss, as the only people in attendance were my family (my cadets as well as my husband, Ensign Wilson), and my long-time friend and acting XO ‘Little Bear’ Hisa, and his girlfriend Ensign Avers, whom I’ve come to respect.

I worry, a bit, that the easy familiarity with my crew may have put him off. I feel this doubt because he did not seem ready to commit to attending a monthly meeting; though admittedly this could be because he couldn’t review his schedule at that time. Only time will tell.

Those concerns aside, I think the viewing went rather well. There was soda and snacks in abundance, much more than was strictly necessary for the small crowd, so no one went lacking. And the stream did not fail.

Also: My Operations Officer was temporarily demoted to the rank of ‘raw recruit’ because he forgot about the airing of ST:Dis – this demotion was of course never officially logged, as it was done jokingly.

Update on my XO: None, I hear from him and his family close to never. I can only hope things are going as well as possible for him. Last reports had him struggling financially due to the unexpected severity of his injury while at work. It has made things harder for him and his family than initially anticipated.
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