February Monthly Meet-Up Review

Meet-Up Location: Brunswick Zone Sands Bowl

When: February 10th at 2pm


Introductions of new members
Welcome Travis Leland and family

By-Laws review and approval
Command staff has reviewed and approved – looking for approval from crew
View Here

New Motto Search
New year – new Motto (Requirements, Trek or Sci-Fi related)

Upcoming Conventions
Gallifrey One – February 16-18th
Long Beach Comic Expo – February 17-18
California Science Center – March-April TBD
ROFCON – March 23-24
Thunder Over the Inland Empire – April 7th
WhedonCon – May 18-20th

Suggested Events:
Vasquez Rocks (R&D needed)
Red Rock Canyon State Park (R&D needed)

Current Kitty/Til:
$20 or so
— Donations 1 kitchen trash bag full of cans
— $33 cash

Next meeting location:
TBD – Bowling center, while convenient for some, was too loud for further meetings.

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One thought on “February Monthly Meet-Up Review”

  1. New motto – “To boldy go where everyone has gone, but with flair!”
    Red Rock Canyon State Park, on highway 14 approximately 1 hour north of Lancaster (driving slow).

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