2018 Design-a-Gown Contest from Starlight Children’s Foundation

While listening to KTLA Morning News I learned of this project and thought we could all participate in this pretty easily from home, adults and kids alike!! So I’m asking, no, I’m challenging every one of my crew to participate!

This is a close to an order as I am likely to ever get in this organization of ours, Go to this website (www.starlight.org), submit your design, and help out! After doing so, from home, please send me a copy of what you submitted, so that I can give credit where credit is due!

You Can Design the Next Starlight Gown

Let’s face it: children’s hospital gowns are terrible. They’re ugly, they’re uncomfortable and they blow open in the back. Ugh!

But we’ve got a better gown. Starlight Gowns are AWESOME. They’re fun, colorful and comfy — and best of all, kids love to wear them.

Enter the 2018 Starlight Design-a-Gown Contest today. Finalists will be announced March 6, 2018. The winning design will be featured on thousands of Starlight Gowns and bring smiles to hospitalized kids all across America!


For every design submitted, Michaels will donate a $25 gown to a hospitalized child, up to a maximum of $250,000.

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