Monthly Meet-Up



Monthly Meet-Up

Saturday, March 10th, 2018
POTLUCK EVENT (Bring enough for you, your group and 2 others)

* You are welcome to come. This is a private residence, please be respectful of this.
* Allergen Alert: Pollens, Dust, Cats, Dogs, Turtles, Goats, Horses, Chickens, Guinea Pig..
* We are a crew of mixed health – please keep in mind that some of the crew are diabetic and have food allergies – there will be food items expressly mindful of their needs.
* We also have seizure-active members, please restrain from bringing blinking or flashing lights (this has not, to date, been an issue).

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  1. The way things are going…. I should have the car put back together by the time we have to be there. 🙂 lol

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