Monthly Meet-up



Monthly Meet-Up

Saturday, April 14th, 2018
02:00 pm

16754 East Ave X Space 2; Llamo, CA 93544

Message from our host, Ens. Leland:

Multicultural Buffet & activities planned after ship business (Klingon Monopoly, Star Trek Scene It, etc)
Potluck welcome, though not required this turn


The following is projected to be served, menu may vary (ingredient lists till be available for those with food allergies)

Plomeek Soup, Hasperat (not very spicy), Gagh (replicated, not alive) Jumja Sticks

Drinks projected to be offered:
Raktajino, Polmeek Tea, Romulan Ale (Alcoholic) – I will have a breathilizer with me for those partaking in the last drink, no one will drive home if they are over the legal limit.

* You are welcome to come. This is a private residence, please be respectful of this.
* Allergen Alert: Pollens, Common Dust, Cats, Dogs…
* Foods will have ingredient lists for those with health concerns
* We are a crew of mixed health – please keep in mind that some of the crew are diabetic and have food allergies – there will be food items expressly mindful of their needs.
* We also have seizure-active members, please restrain from bringing blinking or flashing lights (this has not, to date, been an issue).

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