Picked up a new crewman a few days ago, first impressions were slightly misleading in that I’d thought he’d been part of the Federation for some time; he had not. But that miscommunication aside, I believe he’ll prove to be another benefit (as much as Ens Leland has proved to be) for the overall crew. He is driven, which is a good thing.
To boot he’s already given me a couple projects to work on, and given himself a project to work on as well. He swears to be a friend of Ens Leland, and that between them they’ll ‘get stuff done’ – that they are friends, I have already witnessed (as I ran into Leland while doing a commissary run yesterday) but the getting stuff done aspect is yet to be determined. I’ve little doubt that it is true, people do not often claim a thing that is not true – and not be part of Starfleet that is.
That is one thing I appreciate. Knowing that the mettle of a person has already been tested and found true by the Academy. I can only hope that Ens Meacham’s training is as true.

Well, computer, it’s time to start my duty shift, so End Log…
Source: Captain’s Log

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