Stardate 58953.7

I met a very spunky lady Saturday, who was a 2x cancer survivor. She was so bright and full of spunk that had she not introduced herself as the “Cancer Slayer” I never would have known… Such a treat to have met her. Thank you Travis Leland for introducing us! Her amusement at meeting the rest of the crew was infectious. I look forward to working (and playing) with her moving forward. **Sidebar** This month has introduced 3 new recruits to my ship, and I’ve been very pleased with all three. I’m not sure how well they’ll mingle with some of the rest of the crew, but that minor concern aside, I hope they ‘stay on’ and help me make the Firelace into the ‘premiership/trendsetter’ the Nathan Hale once was (and still is).


Source: Captain’s Log

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