Stardate 58962.7

I know as captain I’m not supposed to show weakness, but don’t think doubt is the same thing; at least I hope it isn’t.

At the last meeting, the crew wanted to talk fundraising within the chapter, by way of asking for ‘voluntary dues’. Their argument was our crew should show some pride in our chapter.

I don’t disagree with the direction of this discussion, but I have reservations. Foremost is that the financial stability of my chapter has always been an immediate consideration, as it was started by myself and a group of my friends who were hard pressed even for a pack of smokes. A year later my crew consists of more gainfully employed members and fewer hard-pressed; but my thoughts are locked on those who struggle.

So I found that the U.S.S. Vengence is running a fun raiser selling blackened badges and my crew wants to jump on it and get badges for everyone so that there is some uniformity on deck (which I like, don’t get me wrong). I spoke with the crew of the Vengence and got a group order discount for $6.50 a badge instead of $9.00 – not bad. So now I’ve asked the crew to bring in $9.00 to the next meeting, enough for one badge and a bit towards another badge for someone who may be short their funds. With the idea that the person lacking funds could later drop those funds into the kitty. And if we’re lucky, and everyone brings their $9.00 then the overflow could be dropped into the kitty and start rebuilding the saved funds.

My reservations stem from a very deep seeded doubt, created by those friends who were unable to do so, that no one will bring the money asked and expect someone else to pitch in the money for their badge.

This doubt may be a character flaw that I will have to overcome; but given that it was a constant challenge for such a long time, it is what it is. One day The Great Bird’s vision that money will not always be a necessary commodity for survival, but that is not today.
Source: Captain’s Log

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