Stardate 58987.2 (Delayed Log)

Belayed log, Day One of WhedonCon went well.

I was requested by Captain Cook to report in by 0900, I admit to being tactically early by an hour, and was not disappointed by that decision as I and my cadets were immediately set to work to finish setup prior to open at 1500.

Cadets L. Wilson, I. Wilson, and R. Hohensee valiantly assisted with keeping water jugs full throughout the course of the day and watching our senior officer while I was detained with various assignments throughout the afternoon. As well as occasionally playing gophers for odds and ends in the assigned sleeping quarters.

Ensign M. Wilson was dutiful in his assignments as well, guarding doors against unauthorized entry, gophering equipment from various storerooms, as well as assisting with the occasional setup.

Lt.Com J. Wilson grudgingly enjoyed helping the AV department put out several small performance fires, none but one literally speaking.

LtJg P. Willey and LtJg Larson both were also indispensible assisting with doors and water detail well into the night.

The convention begin at 1500 – our crew worked from 0800-0900 to nearly 2300 with few breaks and a dogged determination to meet and address all needs. My crew doggedly addressed potential disaster after potential disaster, as well as catching and eliminating a very real crowd threat during a late evening concert (electrical fire hazard was detected, addressed, and resolved before it became critical).

I have nothing but glowing reviews for all hands.

Ensign T. Leland arrived late in the evening but ready to work. C.Niss also arrived late and ready to work.
Source: Captain’s Log

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