Stardate 58987.2

Day Two WhedonCon;

I and my crew must be a glutton for punishment!! Duty call today was 0900, several arrived earlier thankfully, and everyone very nearly hit the floor running.

Larson and Willey, Leland and Niss went immediately to work guarding access hatching against unauthorized entry,

The cadets were a bit more grumblesome this morning, having worked well past their usual sleep schedule the day before, but were absolute troopers despite the grumbles and pressed on in their assignments.

Admiral Hohensee was no less demanding of 100% from each volunteer, and so far, at 1314 each volunteer has given no less than 90% of the requested effort. And the 10% not given is usually due to medical limitations or excessive exhaustion from the efforts the previous day.

I continue to be impressed by the efforts put forth by those who have volunteered.
Source: Captain’s Log

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