Stardate 58993.1

Day one following 3 long days at WhedonCon

I can’t express how proud I am of everyone’s efforts. We asked for 90% cooperation from those who volunteered, and we got 180%. Not only did each person do what was asked of them, they kept their eyes open and handled things we didn’t ask of them. Even my Klingon doctor who was frequently asked to be little more than door stop (as he referred to it) impressively stepped up any time that assignment changed.

Difficult situations like talent delays, causing limitations on convention agreements, were handled with grace and despite the fairly frequent change of plans over the weekend due to talent or timing, or other unexpected factors, the only real complaint that I heard at any point was one moderately disgruntled vendor that didn’t last more than an hour before the cause of the disgruntlement was resolved favorably.

The volunteers handled guests who were searching for answers, directed people to where they wanted to go, helped troubleshoot technical issues in several rooms over three days and even helped stop what might have been a smoky situation during a concert the first evening. Small ‘fires’ were put out before they became problems throughout the three days.

By day three everyone was physically worn out and continued to push through aches and pains. Only myself succumbed by day three to an overworked hip and knee complaint that had me resting on the floor for an hour or so while pain suppression was introduced, and then I was back to work.
Even the cadets pushed through being worn out and admirably continued to do as their superiors asked, even if they grumbled a bit by day three; and I know as a parent to three of the cadets I could not have more proud. Having vendors and talents and staff approach me throughout the last day thanking me for bringing them along and allowing them ‘free reign’ made their days much more enjoyable. I think my youngest cadet walked away with about $25-$30 in gift swag from various vendors who were grateful for her playfulness and seriousness as a given moment required.

Words just aren’t enough to express how proud my crew made me over the weekend. Having the directors of the Convention ask for our crew to return next year, to pick up the gauntlet again, moved me a great deal; I can only hope we’re up to it.
Source: Captain’s Log

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