Supplimental Stardate 58993.1 (WhedonCon Volunteer Log)

Just for the workforce tally after 3 long hard days being part of the ConOperations crew (not just ‘filler staff’) I counted these for heads:
Firelace Volunteers
 * Civilian Cass Niss
 * Cadet Lt 1 L. Wilson
 * Cadet Maj I. Wilson
 * Ensign M. Wilson
 * Ensign T. Leland
 * LtJg P. Willey
 * LtJg J. Larson
 * Lt.Com J. Wilson
 * Cmdr R. Wilson
 *** Com. N. Guill (cared for animals for Comdr R. Wilson)
Nathan Hale Volunteers
 * R. Richardson
 * A. Hohensee
 * R. Hohensee
 * C. Rizo
Rochambeau Volunteers
 * B. Cook
 * Lauren Goldman
 * older lady?????

Source: Captain’s Log

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