Project ; (Your story is not over)

I know this topic has touched many of us over the years, I know we have a finger in a few pots (our eyes on a few donation groups) but I’d like to ask that those of us who’ve been affected by victims of Mental Health or Suicide Attempts (or gods forbid Suicide Successes) drop a bit into this foundation – as with all fundraisers any little bit helps, and perhaps we can help reduce how close to home such events hits.

In the future I will be posting fundraiser organizations we opt to support in some way. Perhaps we can set up a table on a corner somewhere to take in donations for each group once in a while..?

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One thought on “Project ; (Your story is not over)”

  1. The one thing that helped me the most and still works, is a groupe of friend that are close to me than my own family. Comander Wilson has seen me when I was holding on by my finger nails, and when I’ve been on cloud 9. For me the issue of mental health is very serious. I have made 12 attempts to commit suicide starting from the age of 6 to now.
    The sooner we can get a person the help they need to fight this crippling mental illness, the sooner our friends and loved ones can enjoy their life and not dread what the day may bring that will send them in to a down world spirole of self hate, self loathing, and over welming feeling of hopelessness that will consume them and make it almost impossible to pull themselves out of.

    My name is Charles Hisa and I have Bipoler Manic Depresstion…..

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