Secret Santa Gift List

Secret Santa Names List – Names will be drawn during Halloween Party. If your name is not on this list and you will be at the party, please send me an email to fill in the blanks.

Gift Expendature Limit $25.00

Who Gift/Genre Ideas
A. Kimberley Star Trek, Supernatural, Horses, Vampires
B. Charles
B. Scott
D. Hannan Dragons, Star Trek, Fantasy
D. Nyssa BTS, anime, art supplies
D R. Priscilla
D. Darryl
F. Michael
F. Carrie
F. Corey
F. Alec
G. Nathan Doctor Who, Star Trek
H. James
H. Raelen
H. Pamela Doctor Who, Harry Potter (Hufflepuff), Cats (not the musical)
H. Charles
“LittleBear / LB”
Star Trek, Doctor Who, Magic the Gathering
K. Stacy
K. Greg
L. James D&D, Star Trek, Star Wars
L. Morgan
L. Travis Star Trek, Marvel, Doctor Who
L. Sebastian Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Pottter, Disney
M. Jeff Sorcerer Mickey, Los Angeles Kings, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars movies
N. Cassy
Our super awesome “Guinan” hostess
Baked Goods, Candles, Gift Cards for food, Consumables
P. Angela
P. Rogue
P. Daniel
Q. Eric
R. Mathew
R. Danny
R. Jason
S J. William
S. Brienna
S. Ernest Star Trek, Star Gate Atlantis, Nasa Models
S. Viki James Patterson “Cross” books, Star Trek, Orphan Black
W. Paige Women of Marvel, Star Trek, Slytherin, Sailor Moon, Labyrinth
W. Lori
W. Robin Doctor Who, Star Trek, Labryinth
W. Merlin Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Barbies(J/K)
W. Ivy Art stuff, Baking stuff, Dragons, Books
W. Lily Unicorns, Dr. Strange, Games, Monster High
W. Josh

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