Stardate 58997.4 – Personal Captain’s Log

5 years ago, I attended the “Star Trek Into Darkness” Premier as the XO for the U.S.S. Nathan Hale with little more than a pipe dream of commanding my own ship, joining the U.S.S. Ulysses for a public meet and greet. Three days ago I joined the same U.S.S. Nathan Hale and the new U.S.S.Rochambeau, with my dream realized (my own U.S.S. Firelace) in running WhedonCon. In 5 short years we, as a chapter, have progressed quite a distance; from dream to reality!
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Stardate 58993.1

Day one following 3 long days at WhedonCon

I can’t express how proud I am of everyone’s efforts. We asked for 90% cooperation from those who volunteered, and we got 180%. Not only did each person do what was asked of them, they kept their eyes open and handled things we didn’t ask of them. Even my Klingon doctor who was frequently asked to be little more than door stop (as he referred to it) impressively stepped up any time that assignment changed.

Difficult situations like talent delays, causing limitations on convention agreements, were handled with grace and despite the fairly frequent change of plans over the weekend due to talent or timing, or other unexpected factors, the only real complaint that I heard at any point was one moderately disgruntled vendor that didn’t last more than an hour before the cause of the disgruntlement was resolved favorably.

The volunteers handled guests who were searching for answers, directed people to where they wanted to go, helped troubleshoot technical issues in several rooms over three days and even helped stop what might have been a smoky situation during a concert the first evening. Small ‘fires’ were put out before they became problems throughout the three days.

By day three everyone was physically worn out and continued to push through aches and pains. Only myself succumbed by day three to an overworked hip and knee complaint that had me resting on the floor for an hour or so while pain suppression was introduced, and then I was back to work.
Even the cadets pushed through being worn out and admirably continued to do as their superiors asked, even if they grumbled a bit by day three; and I know as a parent to three of the cadets I could not have more proud. Having vendors and talents and staff approach me throughout the last day thanking me for bringing them along and allowing them ‘free reign’ made their days much more enjoyable. I think my youngest cadet walked away with about $25-$30 in gift swag from various vendors who were grateful for her playfulness and seriousness as a given moment required.

Words just aren’t enough to express how proud my crew made me over the weekend. Having the directors of the Convention ask for our crew to return next year, to pick up the gauntlet again, moved me a great deal; I can only hope we’re up to it.
Source: Captain’s Log

Supplimental Stardate 58993.1 (WhedonCon Volunteer Log)

Just for the workforce tally after 3 long hard days being part of the ConOperations crew (not just ‘filler staff’) I counted these for heads:
Firelace Volunteers
 * Civilian Cass Niss
 * Cadet Lt 1 L. Wilson
 * Cadet Maj I. Wilson
 * Ensign M. Wilson
 * Ensign T. Leland
 * LtJg P. Willey
 * LtJg J. Larson
 * Lt.Com J. Wilson
 * Cmdr R. Wilson
 *** Com. N. Guill (cared for animals for Comdr R. Wilson)
Nathan Hale Volunteers
 * R. Richardson
 * A. Hohensee
 * R. Hohensee
 * C. Rizo
Rochambeau Volunteers
 * B. Cook
 * Lauren Goldman
 * older lady?????

Source: Captain’s Log

Stardate 58987.2

Day Two WhedonCon;

I and my crew must be a glutton for punishment!! Duty call today was 0900, several arrived earlier thankfully, and everyone very nearly hit the floor running.

Larson and Willey, Leland and Niss went immediately to work guarding access hatching against unauthorized entry,

The cadets were a bit more grumblesome this morning, having worked well past their usual sleep schedule the day before, but were absolute troopers despite the grumbles and pressed on in their assignments.

Admiral Hohensee was no less demanding of 100% from each volunteer, and so far, at 1314 each volunteer has given no less than 90% of the requested effort. And the 10% not given is usually due to medical limitations or excessive exhaustion from the efforts the previous day.

I continue to be impressed by the efforts put forth by those who have volunteered.
Source: Captain’s Log

Stardate 58987.2 (Delayed Log)

Belayed log, Day One of WhedonCon went well.

I was requested by Captain Cook to report in by 0900, I admit to being tactically early by an hour, and was not disappointed by that decision as I and my cadets were immediately set to work to finish setup prior to open at 1500.

Cadets L. Wilson, I. Wilson, and R. Hohensee valiantly assisted with keeping water jugs full throughout the course of the day and watching our senior officer while I was detained with various assignments throughout the afternoon. As well as occasionally playing gophers for odds and ends in the assigned sleeping quarters.

Ensign M. Wilson was dutiful in his assignments as well, guarding doors against unauthorized entry, gophering equipment from various storerooms, as well as assisting with the occasional setup.

Lt.Com J. Wilson grudgingly enjoyed helping the AV department put out several small performance fires, none but one literally speaking.

LtJg P. Willey and LtJg Larson both were also indispensible assisting with doors and water detail well into the night.

The convention begin at 1500 – our crew worked from 0800-0900 to nearly 2300 with few breaks and a dogged determination to meet and address all needs. My crew doggedly addressed potential disaster after potential disaster, as well as catching and eliminating a very real crowd threat during a late evening concert (electrical fire hazard was detected, addressed, and resolved before it became critical).

I have nothing but glowing reviews for all hands.

Ensign T. Leland arrived late in the evening but ready to work. C.Niss also arrived late and ready to work.
Source: Captain’s Log

Stardate 58962.7

I know as captain I’m not supposed to show weakness, but don’t think doubt is the same thing; at least I hope it isn’t.

At the last meeting, the crew wanted to talk fundraising within the chapter, by way of asking for ‘voluntary dues’. Their argument was our crew should show some pride in our chapter.

I don’t disagree with the direction of this discussion, but I have reservations. Foremost is that the financial stability of my chapter has always been an immediate consideration, as it was started by myself and a group of my friends who were hard pressed even for a pack of smokes. A year later my crew consists of more gainfully employed members and fewer hard-pressed; but my thoughts are locked on those who struggle.

So I found that the U.S.S. Vengence is running a fun raiser selling blackened badges and my crew wants to jump on it and get badges for everyone so that there is some uniformity on deck (which I like, don’t get me wrong). I spoke with the crew of the Vengence and got a group order discount for $6.50 a badge instead of $9.00 – not bad. So now I’ve asked the crew to bring in $9.00 to the next meeting, enough for one badge and a bit towards another badge for someone who may be short their funds. With the idea that the person lacking funds could later drop those funds into the kitty. And if we’re lucky, and everyone brings their $9.00 then the overflow could be dropped into the kitty and start rebuilding the saved funds.

My reservations stem from a very deep seeded doubt, created by those friends who were unable to do so, that no one will bring the money asked and expect someone else to pitch in the money for their badge.

This doubt may be a character flaw that I will have to overcome; but given that it was a constant challenge for such a long time, it is what it is. One day The Great Bird’s vision that money will not always be a necessary commodity for survival, but that is not today.
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Stardate 58953.7

I met a very spunky lady Saturday, who was a 2x cancer survivor. She was so bright and full of spunk that had she not introduced herself as the “Cancer Slayer” I never would have known… Such a treat to have met her. Thank you Travis Leland for introducing us! Her amusement at meeting the rest of the crew was infectious. I look forward to working (and playing) with her moving forward. **Sidebar** This month has introduced 3 new recruits to my ship, and I’ve been very pleased with all three. I’m not sure how well they’ll mingle with some of the rest of the crew, but that minor concern aside, I hope they ‘stay on’ and help me make the Firelace into the ‘premiership/trendsetter’ the Nathan Hale once was (and still is).


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Picked up a new crewman a few days ago, first impressions were slightly misleading in that I’d thought he’d been part of the Federation for some time; he had not. But that miscommunication aside, I believe he’ll prove to be another benefit (as much as Ens Leland has proved to be) for the overall crew. He is driven, which is a good thing.
To boot he’s already given me a couple projects to work on, and given himself a project to work on as well. He swears to be a friend of Ens Leland, and that between them they’ll ‘get stuff done’ – that they are friends, I have already witnessed (as I ran into Leland while doing a commissary run yesterday) but the getting stuff done aspect is yet to be determined. I’ve little doubt that it is true, people do not often claim a thing that is not true – and not be part of Starfleet that is.
That is one thing I appreciate. Knowing that the mettle of a person has already been tested and found true by the Academy. I can only hope that Ens Meacham’s training is as true.

Well, computer, it’s time to start my duty shift, so End Log…
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Captains Log 01/17/18

I’m in infatuation with my newest recruit, Ensign Leland. He’s already an active person, for reaching out and supporting the community. We’re actively communicating already, and already he’s encouraging me to ‘step outside my comfort zone’ into a zone I’d rather be in (quite frankly) and join him (and others) in an outreach function. I may pass this first time (as it’s tonight) but I’ll certainly be planning to join him for the next one. Another day where I am impressed by the people this Federation touches, and the possibility of attaining Roddenberry’s dream society. <3
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Captain’s Log 9/26/17

We had our ST:Dis viewing this weekend. Our newest crewman joined in the general fun. He fit in pretty well, or will, if he become acclimated – but I am nervous about how he felt. He commented that it was obvious most of my crew were family/Family and friends. I recognize it was hard to miss, as the only people in attendance were my family (my cadets as well as my husband, Ensign Wilson), and my long-time friend and acting XO ‘Little Bear’ Hisa, and his girlfriend Ensign Avers, whom I’ve come to respect.

I worry, a bit, that the easy familiarity with my crew may have put him off. I feel this doubt because he did not seem ready to commit to attending a monthly meeting; though admittedly this could be because he couldn’t review his schedule at that time. Only time will tell.

Those concerns aside, I think the viewing went rather well. There was soda and snacks in abundance, much more than was strictly necessary for the small crowd, so no one went lacking. And the stream did not fail.

Also: My Operations Officer was temporarily demoted to the rank of ‘raw recruit’ because he forgot about the airing of ST:Dis – this demotion was of course never officially logged, as it was done jokingly.

Update on my XO: None, I hear from him and his family close to never. I can only hope things are going as well as possible for him. Last reports had him struggling financially due to the unexpected severity of his injury while at work. It has made things harder for him and his family than initially anticipated.
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