January Monthly Meet-Up Review

Meeting held Jan 13th, 2018:
Aside from being loud (with overhead music playing), I felt the meeting went fairly well, considering much of the crew were in mixed stages of health this month.


In Attendance:
Ft.Cpt R. Wilson Avg of 2 games 101.5
Lieutenant C. Hisa Avg of 2 games 56
Commander N. Guill Avg of 3 games w/bumpers 104.6
LTJG K. Avers
Lt. Commander J. Wilson Avg of 2 games 114.5
LTJG J. Larson
LTJG P. Willey
Ensign M. Wilson Avg of 2 games 80.5
C. Maj I. Wilson Avg of 3 games w/bumpers 81.3
C. Lt 1 L. Wilson

Though LtJG Larson and Willey stepped out early they still made an attempt at attendance for which I am grateful and hope they feel better soon.

Not much was discussed at this meeting though some discussion was broached over the pending ALA convention and STLV convention (both of which can be found on the calendar). I hope to see more people at the next meeting, though as usual I understand if you cannot make it.