Stardate 58997.4 – Personal Captain’s Log

5 years ago, I attended the “Star Trek Into Darkness” Premier as the XO for the U.S.S. Nathan Hale with little more than a pipe dream of commanding my own ship, joining the U.S.S. Ulysses for a public meet and greet. Three days ago I joined the same U.S.S. Nathan Hale and the new U.S.S.Rochambeau, […]

Stardate 58993.1

Day one following 3 long days at WhedonConI can’t express how proud I am of everyone’s efforts. We asked for 90% cooperation from those who volunteered, and we got 180%. Not only did each person do what was asked of them, they kept their eyes open and handled things we didn’t ask of them. Even […]

Supplimental Stardate 58993.1 (WhedonCon Volunteer Log)

Just for the workforce tally after 3 long hard days being part of the ConOperations crew (not just ‘filler staff’) I counted these for heads: Firelace Volunteers  * Civilian Cass Niss  * Cadet Lt 1 L. Wilson  * Cadet Maj I. Wilson  * Ensign M. Wilson  * Ensign T. Leland  * LtJg P. Willey * LtJg J. Larson * […]

Stardate 58987.2

Day Two WhedonCon; I and my crew must be a glutton for punishment!! Duty call today was 0900, several arrived earlier thankfully, and everyone very nearly hit the floor running. Larson and Willey, Leland and Niss went immediately to work guarding access hatching against unauthorized entry, The cadets were a bit more grumblesome this morning, having […]

Stardate 58987.2 (Delayed Log)

Belayed log, Day One of WhedonCon went well. I was requested by Captain Cook to report in by 0900, I admit to being tactically early by an hour, and was not disappointed by that decision as I and my cadets were immediately set to work to finish setup prior to open at 1500. Cadets L. Wilson, […]

Stardate 58962.7

I know as captain I’m not supposed to show weakness, but don’t think doubt is the same thing; at least I hope it isn’t. At the last meeting, the crew wanted to talk fundraising within the chapter, by way of asking for ‘voluntary dues’. Their argument was our crew should show some pride in our chapter. […]

Stardate 58953.7

I met a very spunky lady Saturday, who was a 2x cancer survivor. She was so bright and full of spunk that had she not introduced herself as the “Cancer Slayer” I never would have known… Such a treat to have met her. Thank you Travis Leland for introducing us! Her amusement at meeting the […]


Picked up a new crewman a few days ago, first impressions were slightly misleading in that I’d thought he’d been part of the Federation for some time; he had not. But that miscommunication aside, I believe he’ll prove to be another benefit (as much as Ens Leland has proved to be) for the overall crew. […]

Captains Log 01/17/18

I’m in infatuation with my newest recruit, Ensign Leland. He’s already an active person, for reaching out and supporting the community. We’re actively communicating already, and already he’s encouraging me to ‘step outside my comfort zone’ into a zone I’d rather be in (quite frankly) and join him (and others) in an outreach function. I […]

January Monthly Meet-Up Review

Meeting held Jan 13th, 2018: Aside from being loud (with overhead music playing), I felt the meeting went fairly well, considering much of the crew were in mixed stages of health this month.   In Attendance: Ft.Cpt R. Wilson Avg of 2 games 101.5 Lieutenant C. Hisa Avg of 2 games 56 Commander N. Guill Avg […]