Gallifrey One Review

Gallifrey One 2018

Los Angeles Airport Marriott

A Fandom that’s bigger on the inside..


It was only a matter of time before more Dalek’s appeared..

“Take a picture, take a picture, take a picture now!” this Dalek commanded of me – so I complied!

We’ve made such a deal of the Time Lords than even Counselors appeared to see the admiration..

There had to be some survivors in order for the legends to spread…

I only snapped pictures from behind this particular one, to keep the general populace safe

The Doctor must have been here, Van Gogh is strolling the halls again..

The Ood are here, singing their song..

Post guards! Keep it safe! Surely he’ll return soon…

This Cadet is MIA, she stepped into the box and now she’s off on her own adventures….

Well, hello there Maste….Missy..

“Hello Mistress..” If K-9’s out here, who’s guarding the box?

The Angels have the TARDIS – AND the sonic screwdriver!! The world is doomed!

The TARDIS is lost, and now there’s three Daleks…

This cadet is consulting with K-9 about the best way to save the world… How will it all turn out?

Overall, I had a great time! I was a little disappointed in what was offered in the vendors hall (80% stuff availabe online-though, admittedly sold at show discounts). I was also a little disappointed in the cosplayers; very few embraced their roles. There were several 10th Doctor portrayals, but none of them reacted to the Dalek’s roaming the halls, not even the ‘Donna’s or the ‘Missy’s. Nor did any of them respond to the weeping angel roaming the halls. One did stop and speak with K-9 which was kinda cool.While I was slightly let down overall – I still had a blast. I hope to go again next year, for more than just a day. I simply must remember to not expect as much as I do from such events.