Real Life SuperHeroes & U.S.S. Firelace joining forces

As it is in our Federation Bylaws that each chapter should contribute to their community in some charitable fashion, the Firelace crew will be teaming up with the Real Life SuperHeroes of Antelope Valley (California Initiative). Bi-monthly they distribute care-packages to the homeless or clean up a local park for the safety of children at play; depending on the needs of the night.

Volunteers must be 18+ (an exception may be made for 17 w/adult supervision) for legal/safety reasons.

Those interested in volunteering (which I hope is everyone) should contact Ensign T. Leland (t— at their earliest convenience.

Uniforms (or a unique superhero cosplay) heavily recommended.

Here’s an old but still relevant news ‘story’ about this organization as it stands.