Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, created a utopic world that promotes unity and acceptance of all walks of life. He introduced us to this world through the experiences of James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Montgomery Scott, and Nyota Uhura; just to name a few. Since the original launch of Star Trek on through the 2009 re-launch by J.J. Abrams the fan base for this universe has grown to encompass most of the world; certainly, every place that Star Trek can be viewed. The founders of the Federation aspire to promote that same utopic community in modern society.Aside from that philosophical nugget, the members of ‘The Federation’ enjoy showing up to conventions, movies, space exhibits, or most any event that can be even remotely tied to the Star Trek experience. Many of our members can empathize with some character in any of the Star Trek variations; The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, The Animated Series, or movies, even Seth McFarlene’s “Orville”, though not part of the Star Trek Cannon. We promote a peaceful and accepting community while donning our star fleet (or Vulcan, or Klingon) uniforms, and encourage you to do the same.

After searching a number of fan groups in the early 80’s, Federation founder Russ Haslage found that none focused on the things he found important in his fandom.  Believing there had to be other fans with a similar focus, Russ called Paramount and asked to speak with Gene.  Surprisingly they put the call right through.  Though Gene was not in the office that day, he did call Russ back the next week and work on The Federation began.

The primary focus of what they then called “the ultimate Star Trek fan club” was, in Gene’s words, to do “…what the crew of the Enterprise does in every episode…go places and help people.”  Since that first planning session, Gene helped design, plan and guide The Federation until his death in 1991.  Though he is not with us physically, he will always be with us in spirit as we continue the path he set for The Federation: to unite all fans and bring about the brighter future we see in Star Trek through our work today going places and helping people.

Established in 1984, The Federation’s rich roots and proud history have built the organization that Gene Roddenberry designed.  Starting the design and planning stages of The Federation in 1983 with founder Russ Haslage, the two developed an organization steeped in the Roddenberry ideals seen in Star Trek placed into the real world of today.

Federation chapters around the world help those in need in their local areas and together as a united Federation, we help those in need around the world after natural disasters and other tragedies.  For it is only through good works that the world can become an even better place.

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