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9 months ago

Don't have to understand the words to understand the meaning in this video - share the good will!

9 months ago
Iridium-5 Mission

SpaceX is targeting Friday, March 30 for a Falcon 9 launch of the Iridium-5 NEXT mission from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Air Force Base i...

9 months ago
Hashem Al-Ghaili

Upcoming Solar Eclipses: July and August 2018.

9 months ago

WhedonCon (if you can't see the info you'll have to sign up for the group it's listed under):

WhedonCon May 18-20 Looking for volunteers to man our ... See more

9 months ago
R&D Report – Red Rock Canyon State Park

Full report is visible at; Next step is deciding when we want to go. Any suggestions? Some ... See more

Red Rock Canyon State Park Contact Information (661) 946-6092 Location The park is 25 miles northeast of Mojave on Highway 14, near Cantil. Go west 1/4 mile on Abbott Drive. Signage indicati…

9 months ago

10 months ago
King Tut Exhibit / Endeavour Annual Visit

King Tut Exhibit / Endeavour Annual Visit

Uniforms encouraged, not required

General admission is free! R&D reports expected soon on further costs - See discussion threads for details.

Lunch will be had at one of the eateries available IN ... See more

10 months ago
Qapla'! tugh tlhIngan Hol ghojchoHlaH Hoch!

Attn Crew:

For my Klingons out there:

News - Learn to speak Klingon with Duolingo's new Klingon course -- which is free and available starting today. Details ahead...

10 months ago

Not too sure what it says about me, but this.. yes, this applies to me.

Best guys in Space (well fiction space, but so what).

Side note:
Lol OMG the Grammar Nazi's hate Dislexics.
I AM SORRY, it was a quick meme I thought was funny cause I'm a dork K, I didn't check ... See more

10 months ago

Okay, so here's the results for the "New Motto" vote at present.
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (2)
“To boldy go where everyone has gone, but with flair!” (2)
"Live now; make now ... See more

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