Review,  Winter Party

Winter Party Wrap

Happy Holidays from the USS Firelace Crew.
From Right to Left
[Back Row] N. Guill, P. Willey, J. Larson, T. Leland, H. Dee, M. Wilson
[Middle Row] A. Parker, P. Harvey, C. Niss, N. Dee, V. Stout, E. Stout
[Front Row] S. Leland, I. Wilson, R. Wilson, L. Wilson
[Captain’s Lap] Jasper “Morale Officer”

Not pictured: C.Hisa, K. Avers, L. Willey, J. Hahn, M. Falcone, C. Falcone, C. Falcone, R. Parker, J. Meacham, G. Krynen, C. Baxter, S. Booth, Cody “Admiral’s Guard”, Sammy “Personal Escort”

A lot of people walked away tonight happy with new items to covet for the coming weeks. What a wonderful ‘layover’ for Christmas. Some of the Secret Santa presents that went home included a Slytherin Tapestry, a multi-picture picture frame, a doodle-book and pencils, some board games, and a sonic screwdriver, but were not limited to those. We discussed our upcoming bowling challenge and the next meeting, as well.

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