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Monthly Meet-Up


Monthly Meet-Up

Saturday January 5th, 2019
[14:00] 2:00 pm


16754 East Ave X Space 2; Llano, CA 93544

Message from our host, Ens. Leland:


Uniforms Suggested/Optional

POTLUCK – Please let us know what you will be able to bring so we can plan.

* You are welcome to come. This is a private residence, please be respectful of this.
* Allergen Alert: Pollens, Wild Birds, Dogs…
* Foods should have ingredient lists for those with health concerns
* We are a crew of mixed health – please keep in mind that some of the crew are diabetic and have food allergies – there will be food items expressly mindful of their needs.
* We also have seizure-active members, please restrain from bringing blinking or flashing lights (this has not, to date, been an issue).


Please bring $9.00 to the next meeting (if you have not already paid for your badge), if you are wanting one of the badges.

$9.00 will cover 1 badge, plus a little towards someone else’s in case they don’t have the $$ at the time of the meeting. With the expectation of them being able to put that money in the kitty later (any excess $ will go directly to the kitty)
Consider this the first test on the ‘Dues’ everyone was so eager to consider. =)

They have already been paid for but are currently on backorder. I’ve heard from our fellow Vengeance crew and the new badges are coming along. Perhaps by the end of the month, they will be shipped – but we are not hurrying them.

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